Landscape Designers And Landscape Architects

Landscape Designers are professionals who plan the creation of residential landscapes. Landscape Designers visualize the use of landscape materials and specialize in the detailed use of plant material to address the esthetic and functional needs of a site. Landscape Architects are professionals, licensed by the state, who plan the overall and detailed development of all sizes of landscape projects, including residential, commercial, institutional, and recreational projects. At the residential scale, Landscape Architects utilize their technical and creative skills to guide the implementation of both hardscape and plant material. David P. Sauter offers access to both Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers based on the needs of your project.

How To Procure Professional Landscape Design Services

The selection of a designer should be based primarily on the abilities and experience of the designer. Without the skill set to creatively and effectively address the issues of your site, your efforts end up meaningless. It is also important that a designer comprehend the scope and nature of your project, and effectively communicates their ideas for designing the site to you, your contractor, and to those who will maintain your project. While fees are also an important element in the procurement process, the fee that a designer charges should be considered after you have confirmed their abilities as a designer and communicator. To learn more about the experiences and design style of David P. Sauter, you are encouraged to review the qualifications and exemplary projects illustrated within this website. Based on the type of project, we can often meet you without obligation to discuss your project. For more information please use the contact information to reach us.


Hourly Consulting for landscape problems.
Landscape Design for residential and commercial projects, including detailed design of hardscape and plant material selection for specific areas within a site.
Master Planning of sites, including conceptual layout and configuration of hardscape and general placement of plant material for an entire site.
Preparation of Construction Documents
, including detailed plans and specifications for project implementation.
Construction Observation
to ensure proper implementation process.
Supplemental Services
such as graphics, plant selection.


Hourly rate for landscape architect = $120/hour
Hourly rate for associates = $50/hour hourly
Consultation fees = $120/hour with a minimum of $500 for a consultation. This fee is credited if a proposal for further work is accepted.
Proposals for landscape design and master planning services = extensive work requests such as site master plans, landscape plans, and continuing consulting are typically quoted via a written proposal.
Construction documents = construction document preparation fees typically average between 5% and 7% of the construction cost.
Supplemental services are provided at the rates noted above.


design associates

Jessie Klinker
landscape designer
jk landscapes
oakland, california

Suzanne Redell, CHT
landscape designer
thriving gardens
redwood city, california

Lynn Saunders
landscape designer
los altos, california

Stuart Sweet
landscape designer
los altos, california